We are a parent initiative

We are also a Family Centre


Our Family centre aims to provide support for parents in a number of ways. Family centres are part of a larger network and offer programmes including parent education, family support and child care in cooperation with other institutions. Its focus is on providing a platform exclusively for parent-children activities, and not only for families within the Kita itself, but in addition for the wider community.


The ideas behind Reggio and Montessori education are fundamental for the educational concept of the Family centre. With the child as the focus, adults, children and educators alike find the Family centre a place for a variety of encounters, and for the collective participation in the development of children within society.  


Our concept consists of five principal areas including counselling, a meeting point for parents, child care, educational courses and activities, and sports programmes. We develop these services together with our own colleagues as well as those working outside the Kita within the areas of education, psychology, therapy and artistic creativity. Some of these events take place in cooperation with our partners, including the AWO, the Kinderschutzbund, a Logopedic school of the Präha group, the Diakonie, and the ‘Wohnen mit Kindern e.V.’ (living with children) association.   


Intrinsic components of the Family Centre programme include child development counselling, with emphasis on language development and education, parenting through a program named ‘Strong parents strong children’, a parent-child play group, puberty courses, a singing group (Liedergarten), a babsyitter network, and information about day care. 


For more details please refer to our current programme. 

Kita & Family center
Parent initiative "Vorstadtkrokodile e.V."
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