Our goal is for our Kita to be a meeting point between adults and children, providing room and time to learn from one another. Active feedback about the development of every child is important to us. This is supported through photo documentation of a variety of topics that the children are engaged with, and in addition by keeping diaries of each child’s activities.

However, a parent initiative is only as good as the collective effort of parents working together. More than 15 years of parental support has shown that parents do not look upon this simply as an obligation towards a set of tasks but rather enjoy talking with each other, finding common ground, and contributing to the various committees that make up the work of the initiative.

The three groups within the Kita orientate themselves on the educational approaches of Montessori and Reggio. Therefore the ‘Independence’ of the child is a key principle. The child is given the opportunity to actively engage and interact with their environment.

Our understanding of art is based on the Reggio approach. A variety of materials and creative activities including easel painting, free experimentation, and clay modeling (a kiln in the studio provides the opportunity to fire clay), allow the children to let their imagination run wild.

Our mission: Understanding children as active, creative, equal and complete fellow human beings; and recognizing them as individuals. Therefore the educational activities we offer are tailored towards their specific interests and curiosity.

Fourteen colleagues (including part-time employees) care for children from the age of one until six years of  age within three separate groups. In addition, there are trainees and an in-house cook who prepares fresh and diversified meals for the children every day."


Kita & Family center
Parent initiative "Vorstadtkrokodile e.V."
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Opening hours: Monday to Thursday: 7h30 to 17h00 Friday: 7h30 to 16h00